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This piece is a painting of me(in the middle), my brother and ,my cousin. 
It's meant to show the reminiscing childhood times that everybody once had. The emotions expressed in this painting should give the audience a warm feeling bringing them back to the more simpler days.
Size of work :30 x 24

Medium :oil

Steve Lacy

This is an appreciation portrait of my favorite music artist Steve Lacy, he plays a big role in my life as he inspires me to create. I Tried to convert his style of music into a visual form as you can see in the background.
Size of work :18 x 24

Medium :Acrylic, marker, gold flakes, glitter

Circa 1981

This is a painting referenced from a photo of my mom taken in 1981. I wanted to capture the pure feeling of innocence in childhood memory through the "caught in the moment" scene at the movie theater.
Size of work :20 x 16

Medium :Oil

Power of Conflict

This is a political satire piece that shows my reflection of the year 2020.  Politician  John Podesta is the main subject seen with a hand gun under him representing the bad stigma that surrounds him and the government.  The chaotic scene in the background show the power of conflict depicting how disagreement can cause insanity and war.
Size of work :24 x 20

Medium :Acrylic

Fragility of life

 Life's fragility refers to how valuable and delicate it is; sadly, we don't recognize this until we're forced to in situations where we have no choice but to take life for granted. I brought awareness to it by painting symbols of what matters to me to most in life implying it can all be gone in a matter of seconds.
Size of work :36 x 48

Medium :Acrylic, textured paper, stamps

Day in a Life

This illustrative piece was inspired by famously known music artist Mac Miller's song "Ayye".  His song talks about adolescence and teenage recklessness with lyrics such as “Don't fade till I'm black, ima stain the map” implying not to conform to normal life and what society says, leaving his mark in the world."  I wanted to portray that through the reflection of my own teenage years.  I decided to transform all of my friends into characters including myself and putting us in a suburban to city night setting showing scene of us having fun.  The process of this piece was layering each individual subject and building to give more perspective and story-like feel.
Size of work :60 x 40

Medium :Acrylic, cardboard

Animalia Rawk Magazine

This is an 80's rock magazine inspired magazine cover with a fun twist of using animal heads. This piece is meant to show my love for typography and design.
Size of work :11 x 14

Medium :Acrylic, graft


This purpose of this piece is to depict my passion for fashion and experimenting with different fabrics and designs.
Size of work :18 x 24

Medium :Fabric, thread, marker, acrylic, beads

Calm down

This work illustrates the rush of emotions the worlds collectively faced during the start of the pandemic.  I categorized the piece into three main emotion sadness, fear, and anger and emulated these feelings through colors, characters, and scenes. This purpose of this piece is for everyone to relate and bond over the intense emotions that we are all still learning to overcome that's still left from the pandemic.
Size of work :36 x 48

Medium :Color pencil

Miss Korea Mom

My hard working mom never got the opportunity to win Miss Korea in 1996 due to becoming pregnant with my older brother.  This is a tribute piece of her portrayed as the Miss Korea winner dedicated for her to see her dream come true.
Size of work 24 x 36

Medium :Mixed media, acrylics, rhinestone

Help for Hope

This piece is referenced from of photo of two homeless men being given the opportunity to work at Redtail coffee shop located in Lafayette, Oregon, a coffee shop staffed by the homeless.  I painted this in support of this organizations like this.
Size of work :20 x 26

Medium :Watercolor

Spirit  Animal

This is a self portrait with my spirit animal; the peacock, which is often recognized for its symbol of truth, honor, and self love, somethings I often preach.
Size of work :20 x 24

Medium :Charcoal color pencil

Jean-Michel Basquiat

This is a piece of one of my favorite and popularly known contemporary artist Basquiat.  He first drew my attention from his interesting journey as an artist.  I gained inspiration from his popular anatomy artwork to include skeletal collages in the background.
Size of work :16 x 20

Medium :Textured paper, acrylic, collage

Bored in Line

This piece is a result of wanting to experiment with different perspective.  I created an illustrative style piece showing a group of people in line using mundane colors to emphasize the boring feeling of waiting in line for your food.
Size of work :16 x 6

Medium :Pen, cardboard, acrylic

Spirit Animal

This is a self portrait with my spirit animal; the peacock, which is often recognized for its symbol of truth, honor, and self love, somethings i often preach.
Size of work :20 x 24

Medium :Charcoal color pencil

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